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This last week, the government of Hawaiʻi called in the National Guard to forcibly begin construction of a huge, super-powered telescope called the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on a mountain in Hawaiʻi. The mountain, Mauna Kea or Mauna a Wakea, was selected because its height and isolation will allow astronomers views of the night sky like no where else on Earth, giving them the ability to look so deep into space that they will be able to observe the cosmos in its infancy. But Mauna Kea is also a sacred site to Native Hawaiians, many of whom have blocked roads to the site and rallied to put a halt to the construction. The response to these protestors, along with derision from many scientists

July Card-a-Month: 1JJ for July

Quick before it's too late, I want to post this card-a-month for July. Honestly, I think with the amount of stuff that I've been doing (and still have to do) I took last month's 8 of Wands guide card and just ran with it, and have yet to stop running. I. Am. So. Tired. For July I picked my old Swiss 1JJ deck. This is an interesting, non-Rider-Waite deck that will probably remind you of the Ancient Italian that I used back in May. The 1JJ is different for a few reasons. First off, like the Tarot of Besançon, it doesn't have a Pope/Heirophant or Popess/High Priestess: these are instead Jupiter and June, the eponymous J and J. Strength is also non-traditional, depicting Hercules grappling with

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