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Joe's Midnight Movie Reviews: Toxic Mutant Halloween Edition

Halloween guest misread by Joe from PIZZA PENTAGRAM! Point Break counts because of masks. Child's Play (1988) Joe's midnight movie review!!! So the other night I watched Child's play (1988)!! Still on a 80s kick. This slasher flick I think is underrated. I think everything is underrated tho unless it sucks tho. Takes place in Chicago, murderer on the run shot and dying uses black magic to put his soul in a doll (Chucky)… The mom from 7th heaven buys the doll and gives it to her son. The doll starts to kill people and no one believes the kid. Gotta listen to the truth. Anyway eventually people realize the doll is fucking alive and killing people! Gotta stop Chucky. Creepy AF. Um I do

Elections Monster: The Tattooed Man

Tattooing as it has been historically understood in the Eurocentric world has been a way to make the body monstrous. There is something not acceptable about it, something other. On this point, the link between tattooing art and the indigenous cultures it was appropriated from should not be forgotten. In the Gilded Age, the Republicans had a candidate who turned out to be a monster. James Blaine was a charismatic, problematic, and corrupt candidate they put forth in the election of 1876. The GOP selected him at the convention despite all this. This situation was depicted, in a famous comic, as a scene from antiquity: Phryne's trial before the judges of Athens. It's a parody of the Jean-Leon G

Pairing: Rivers and Sadness

An oldie but a goodie. Rivers and sadness have gone together since the earliest civilizations on Earth. It was probably the river and its harnessable supply of water that made permanent settled communities possible. Civilization has been a source of depression ever since. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis cries so much over the death of her husband Osiris, that her tears flood the Nile River. This emotional outpouring allows for the fertility that powered the dynasties of Egypt over the span of thousands of years. The river is her grief manifest. And people grow to depend on it to live. Her sadness is their gain. So they have to honor her: they need her to be in pain. This is a

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