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Bloomsday Special: Ulysses a Vau-de-Ville

Think I might do a quick Bloomsday thread/blog about the Ulysses a Vau-de-Ville playing cards by R. Fanto. Cards again! I know. I don't mean for this to become a card-centric blog by any stretch, but the cards turned up today in the course of packing up my stuff to move into a new apartment and it just seemed like the right thing to do. There's a PhD thesis waiting to be written about the arrangement of the novel's plot in this deck. Fanto was behind the journal Presage (who's imprint the cards were printed under). He also put out the deck of cards as a book version called Joker's Joy. All my reference material is packed up at the moment so I definitely can't do a card-by-card explication at

Card-a-Month: Ride the Waite

It's the first week of June so that means it's time for this month's Card-a-Month. This time I went with the old standby, the Rider-Waite deck designed by Pamela Colman. I started reading cards with a Rider-Waite, like mostly everybody, but have moved away from it entirely for the most part. But this particular deck I have now has always been insightful and accurate (its previous owner was a book hoarder in Manhattan whose library was broken by order of the fire department for his own safety), so I will go back to it from time to time. There's been so much written about the Rider-Waite deck, and in the spirit of the card that I pulled for June, I'm going to skip the historical context and ju

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