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July Card-a-Month: 1JJ for July

Quick before it's too late, I want to post this card-a-month for July. Honestly, I think with the amount of stuff that I've been doing (and still have to do) I took last month's 8 of Wands guide card and just ran with it, and have yet to stop running. I. Am. So. Tired.

For July I picked my old Swiss 1JJ deck. This is an interesting, non-Rider-Waite deck that will probably remind you of the Ancient Italian that I used back in May. The 1JJ is different for a few reasons. First off, like the Tarot of Besançon, it doesn't have a Pope/Heirophant or Popess/High Priestess: these are instead Jupiter and June, the eponymous J and J. Strength is also non-traditional, depicting Hercules grappling with the more familiar lion.

What did it give us for July?

4 of Batons.

Traditionally, this card has been read as a sign of pure happiness. After last month's 8 of Wands though, I can't help but feel as if this is a card that should be read as settled action, with half of the energy that was there in June—picture those eight wands in flight falling into the ground with only four of them sinking into the ground upright. It is definitely a sign that creative, fruitful stability is the way to lead through Cancer and Leo season..

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