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The Elections Monster (12)

It seems like there should be a type of fairy that specializes in making people say things that they don't want to say. A malapropor: black-winged, bug-eyed, perpetually amused. If such a creature exists, I haven't found it in my research. Maybe it is out there now, spreading its curse from one candidate to the next. The gaffes will decide it now. From Gary Johnson's "And what is Aleppo?" to Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" and Jill Stein's "dicks out for Harambe," the course this election takes will flow out of the mouths of the four candidates on the stage together ("stage" in the metaphorical sense, not on the debate stage next week, obvs). Donald Trump needs no one gaffe to defi

My Big Shiny News

I've been reading fiction for Gigantic Sequins since 2012 and yesterday I got bumped up to Assistant Fiction Editor. It's a real honor and I'm jazzed about it. Thanks Kimberly Ann Southwick, Zach Yontz, & Becca Pollock! Gigantic Sequins is a good-looking, biannual, black & white literary arts journal. Now is the perfect time for you to get a subscription, if you don't already have one.

Ask the Aliens: False Positives

[Ask the Aliens is a monthly feature on Misreader that attempts to contact aliens in order to answer life advice questions here on Earth. Read the open call here or check out the previous letters here. If you have a question send it to misreaderblog at gmail dot com with "Ask the Aliens" in the subject line.] Dear Alien Hivemind, I run a modest literary journal with some friends that is kind of successful but not so successful that anyone would be able to to name it, even people in a genre-friendly space like literary Twitter. My problem is that I will frequently think that I have met someone who is cool as shit, and be so into them and their work that I ask them to be a part of what we do.

Joe's Midnight Movie Reviews: The Return of the Revenge of the Toxic Mutant 80s Movie!

Today on Misreader, a guest misread by Joe from Pizza Pentagram! Splash (1984) Joe's Midnight Movie Review!… So last night I watched "Splash" (1984) Starting Tom hanks. Daryl Hannah, John Candy, etc… Kinda a sci-fi, Romance, comedy that takes place in New York. This movie is about a mans love affair with a woman that's half fish. Even tho tom hanks is the lead role he's definitely out shined by co star John candy. Candy is only in 40% of the movie and is like an juggernaut. Daryl Hannah is hot. There are some action scenes. I remember liking this movie a lot more when I was younger then recently seeing it. It's ok. I give it two anchovy slices. 🍕🐟🍕🐟 The Return of the Living Dead

The Elections Monster (11)

Seasons have started to change, and with them the nature of this contest. The national convention summer blockbusters are out of the theaters, replaced by double-billed monster movies. King Kong vs Godzilla. Freddy vs Jason. The Wolfman vs Dracula. Kang vs Kodos. Trump vs Clinton. Just when it looks like one infernal creature has got the advantage, expect a plot twist to put the other one back on top. The only real losers are the innocent victims. If it feels as if Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile lately, the campaign has come out and said it: they trying to run out the clock until Election Day, believing that they can hold onto her massive lead in the polls. This waiting game

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