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New Horizons Doesn’t Speak for Humanity, But It Does Say Something About a Dark Time for America

Here's an op-ed I wrote that pretty much everyone made clear they don't want to publish so I'm sharing it here now while New Horizons is still in the heliosphere. In 2016, after nine years and three billion miles in space, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft made its flyby of Pluto, giving all of us on Earth a stunning first look at the former ninth planet of the solar system. With New Horizons’ primary mission over, it was decided to send the craft to investigate another object in the Kuiper Belt—2014 MU69, the controversially-nicknamed “Ultima Thule”—which it did on New Year’s Day this year. Now, New Horizons will sail on and, eventually, it will reach interstellar space. But unlike Pioneers 10

Things Behind Things Ahead

It's the first post of the year, and now seems like a good time to announce there are some big changes in store around here, both for Misreader and for the website as a whole. I'd really like to use this space a little bit differently than I have in the past, not just by posting more frequently but also with the kinds of posts I'll be making. For the website, the big change will be redesigns for the Writing and News/Events sections. That's what has me thinking about loss. Making changes to the Writing page makes me realize that not everything that's published online may remain that way forever. It's the second thing you'll hear in an argument about the pros and cons of print vs online: writi

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