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Keeping Track I accidentally started keeping track of my daily progress on my current project and I'm finding it really helpful. By the time I'm done I realize how much I accomplished, plus it leaves me set up for the next day. Highly recommend, would report progress again. As a piece of writing advice though, I'm not sure that it will work for everyone. This is in the midst of a project that is entering its sixth or seventh year, depending on how you count. I need the extra reminder about what I am doing, because I've done so much already. These progress reports were a way for me back into the work; they probably won't offer me the same help for my next project. Requiem for the 2019 Yankees

October Card-a-Month: En Español

For October, I'm using the Spanish Tarot from Fournier. The reason I got this deck was so it could help me study Spanish, which I was studying at the time. Almost twenty years later, while my Spanish definitely hasn't improved, my experience reading cards definitely has. This was the first Marseilles deck that I ever used, and for a while, it was one of the only decks that I had. I don't think I'll ever find a Marseilles deck with a color scheme that feels as natural as this one does, dominated as it is by earthy greens and oranges. It was probably the deck that I grew into the most, but after a while I decided to step away from it as it began to give me some distressing readings (though may

Recent Arrivals, Family and Friends

I live very far away from most of the books I would want to buy. The English language bookstores that are here, or the stores that have good English language sections, usually have an okay selection, but they're less likely to include the indie and small press books that make up the bulk of my (relatively small) book purchases. So I ship them here, through Book Depository since they don't charge for shipping, or else I have books sent to family in the US who will bring me a bunch when they visit or hold for me until I come back Stateside. One part of this means that I almost always buy books/get a hold of them late. That's the case with the recent delivery of books that came to me with a vis

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