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Ask the Aliens: Quitting Time?

[Ask the Aliens is a monthly feature on Misreader. Read the open call here or check out the previous letters here. If you have a question send it to misreaderblog at gmail dot com with "Ask the Aliens" in the subject line.] Dear Aliens, Recently I made the decision to start sending out freelance articles and pitches. I just finished a third piece that I have written on spec and sent out to all the big paying outlets. I never heard back from any of them. Three articles and not one word. So everyday I open up my inbox and even though I know the email isn't in there, I look for it. It wasn't there this morning, again. So my question is: Why should I even bother? At this point I feel done. I am

The Elections Monster (6)

The latest accusations the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps have fired at each other have turned an ugly Democratic primary monstrous. On the eve of the primaries in Oregon and Kentucky last week, Nevada became the hot topic. As the polls were still open, Hillary supporters publicly accused Sanders supporters of making misogynist threats of violence following the Nevada Democratic convention. These were the acts, they said, of Bernie Bros. Sanders disavowed such violence and in the same breath brought up the fact that some of his high ranking Nevada staff had had their home offices broken into and ransacked during the battle for that state. It is a Watergate-like scenario, as if a Ni

Earth Moves

Today in Israel there was an earthquake—not a serious one, and not anywhere nearby—but I am thinking about how the earth moves in a different way. Leaving America is never easy, especially when you're coming back to the Middle East. Part of the problem is geoposition. I wanted to write, once I got back, on the tilt that I felt, the physical change that I had noticed in the angle of the world. Further south, equatoring, I looked up at the sky here and saw that it looked deeper as it escaped the sun, all purple, bruised by too much light. I can't feel these feelings anymore though, which shows you how you acclimate to the world. Your seat legs start to dig into the sand where you sit. Today, e

Not Fade Away

It's been a while, but it's okay, things have just been transitioning, not fade away. Be back shortly with more content. Your feed get fed.

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