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October Card-a-Month: En Español

For October, I'm using the Spanish Tarot from Fournier. The reason I got this deck was so it could help me study Spanish, which I was studying at the time. Almost twenty years later, while my Spanish definitely hasn't improved, my experience reading cards definitely has.

This was the first Marseilles deck that I ever used, and for a while, it was one of the only decks that I had. I don't think I'll ever find a Marseilles deck with a color scheme that feels as natural as this one does, dominated as it is by earthy greens and oranges. It was probably the deck that I grew into the most, but after a while I decided to step away from it as it began to give me some distressing readings (though maybe it was me who was in distress). In either case, this deck always provided me with powerful readings, and I found it to be no different when I used it to pull this month's card:

The Judgment/El Juicio.

This is the first trump card that has revealed itself in more than half a year. As such, and in and of itself, this card is a revelation. A great moment is taking place. Will it be something we are ready to accept?

Relevant to last month's reading, the undercard for this reading turned out to the be the Knight of Swords, which follows through with the transformative energy that I read in pulling September's card. The foundation of this event is a praxis of ideals, one that will lead to a deep emotional shift.

What we see may be shocking, as the figure on the left is clearly shocked by what she sees. It is October after all: you might rise from your grave as a zombie. But it will be part of a shared experience, as all figures heed this call, all are united in this moment. It could be scary, but it will be extraordinary. These are, after all, also the Days of Awe.

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