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Long Time No Blog

I've been maintaining this kind of beautiful thread of tweets to remind myself how guilty I feel about not being here more often.

I promise: I can change. It's not that there wasn't plenty to talk about. In fact, I was hard at work on several blog posts the whole time I was away, but in these crazy times we live in, the material either got dated because it sat around too long, or it fell victim to the self-consciousness I describe in that tweet thread above.

But stuff did happen! For instance, the beautiful cover of The Voyager Record won an IPPY Award, thanks to the lovely the design and artwork created by Lillian Ling and Abby Beckel from Rose Metal Press. To celebrate I decided to do an emoji homage version.

Original and emoji homage

A side-by-side comparison

The book has also been nominated for a CLMP Firecracker Award for Creative Non-Fiction, but that hasn't been awarded yet. That actually happens today at Poets House in New York so try to go if you can!

UPDATE 8/6: I still don't know who won but here check out this tweet:

UPDATE 8/6 9:40PM: Congrats to all the winners!

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