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The Elections Monster (6)

The latest accusations the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps have fired at each other have turned an ugly Democratic primary monstrous.

On the eve of the primaries in Oregon and Kentucky last week, Nevada became the hot topic. As the polls were still open, Hillary supporters publicly accused Sanders supporters of making misogynist threats of violence following the Nevada Democratic convention. These were the acts, they said, of Bernie Bros. Sanders disavowed such violence and in the same breath brought up the fact that some of his high ranking Nevada staff had had their home offices broken into and ransacked during the battle for that state. It is a Watergate-like scenario, as if a Nixonic poltergeist could not find rest, even in a retirement community in the Silver State. Meanwhile, Kentucky went to Clinton (barely) and Oregon to Sanders.

The prospect of a convention showdown is more likely than ever, especially with the remaining states left to vote mostly left-coast or white and rural, two demographics that have favored Sanders thus far. Could Bernie win California? That would be his only serious chance to challenge Hillary for the crown. Without it he could force the VP seat at best. In the worst case scenario, Hillary laughs him off the stage, and with him, the radical wing of the Democratic party.

Doing that would be a monstrous act. Not that it would be the first monstrous act to take place in this election.

Above: An erasure of the Bernie Sanders press release on Nevada.

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