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The Elections Monster (5)

The picture above is a selection from a map showing the Republican results in the New York primary. The areas shown are the predominantly African-American neighborhoods of central Brooklyn.

In many cases these districts tally just a handful of results. 4 votes for Trump, 2 for Kasich, 0 for Cruz. It is important to have this account. It is important to know that there are monsters where you live, and that you should beware of them.

Ideas that live inside walls come creeping out to assert their existence during an election. The scariest thing for most of us is the kind of idea that exists contrary to what we think is a universal truth. There are hidden daggers behind doors, waiting for you to knock on them.

One candidate in this election is reportedly the well known serial killer, The Zodiac Killer. Another one is a crypto-racist. They are not frightening people in their own right: they are only monstrous because anyone can start to believe in them.

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