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The Elections Monster (2)

Anyone can look like themselves with their mouth where their eyes should be

Anyone can look like themselves with their mouth where their eyes should be.

The election results on this second Super Tuesday have come through, and they're clear: Hillary Clinton is in better shape than she's been in the entire election, and Donald Trump is still our worst nightmare.

Clinton's stronghold states—the predominantly black states in the Bible Belt—are far behind her. Bernie Sanders' upset win in Michigan last week set the stage for her to lose more ground in yesterday's contests. But she didn't. Maybe the news of the protests that shut down the Trump rally a few days ago, protests linked with Sanders more than Clinton, scared the normals. It could be that Hillary has a coalition that will work in most states: African-Americans and urban whites who haven't been left out of the economic recovery. But Sanders has such strong support from young voters and disaffected workers, it doesn't look like they will just flock to Hillary without some attrition on her part. Can she risk letting all of those votes go?

Eight years ago Obama was the monster for Republicans and bigoted whites that Trump is for anyone with a conscience today. Obama actually came true, which is why everyone who opposes Trump knows that their fears are entirely justified. A popular meme shows Donald Trump with his mouth Photoshopped where his eyes should be. It's uncanny. He looks like a elderitch fiend. It's funny but the point doesn't need to be made.

Some times monsters are real.

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