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The Elections Monster

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The elections might be the only thing worth talking about anymore, if talking is still something that interests people. There are so many other ways to express your political beliefs instead of talking: more are becoming commonplace and acceptable every day. Like hate screaming on a national stage. Or attempting to openly assault candidates during their stump speeches.

There is something so fitting about this election. It feels like the only possible way to follow up the presidency of Barack Obama. It is nothing less than an election fight over the very soul of the nation. If that sounds Romantic, it should. This is a street fight, and you don't want to be a calm and cool Enlightenment thinker or cold mechanical Modernist in a street fight. I'm expecting barricades. This election will change us, in the end, that is for sure. Into what kind of monster, I don't know. But we already live under the bed, we must be sated with blood after sunset. What could be worse?

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