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Extreme Close-Ups

The Voyager Record has a trailer, and if you can't already tell, it's kind of my favorite thing right now.

A lot of this footage was shot by me using my phone's camera in and around Tel Aviv. My sister-in-law, who directed the film, made fun of me for my almost-exclusive use of extreme close-ups. But she pointed out that it makes sense: The Voyager Record is sort of an extreme close-up itself.

I think being far-sighted has something to do with my framing. I can't see as closely as the camera can focus. Looking at these objects in sharp definition up close is another foreign world for me, made possible through the mechanism of video recording.

Voyager's mechanism makes seeing us possible too. But the record is in more extreme close-up than any picture my camera could take. It's hyperfocused; humanity without the context.

Focus on one thing, and everything else starts to blur.

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